About Reverend Dr. Albert Gani



Born in Alexandria, Egypt, of Greek and Italian descent, Reverend Dr. Gani was a true Renaissance man. A scholar in so many fields, his vast knowledge and deep intuition enabled him to bridge world religions, philosophy, psychology, history, art, and music, creating a depth and spiritual understanding to all events---past and present. 

For over 40 years he helped people find purpose and meaning in their lives, motivating them towards the pursuit of happiness through ethics and faith. 

His work took him from coast to coast in the United States, as well as Europe and Mexico. 

He authored over 30 books, wrote numerous articles, lectured extensively and taught continuing education classes at Pace University in New York City and the University of Texas at Austin.

The Church of the Path®


The Church of the Path is a nondenominational church in Austin, Texas formed in 1986 by Rev. Dr. Gani and a group of like-minded friends.

Its teachings blend Eastern and Western spirituality, philosophy, and psychology.

The church teaches that an individual creates their own reality. This is the way to true happiness and understanding---if we've created a problem, we have the power to heal it. Our future happiness or pain lies in our hands alone.

Ethical Volition®


Ethical Volition is a self-improvement educational organization for businesses and individuals. The Ethical Volition business philosophy was developed by Dr. Gani in his 40+ years of consulting work.  

The firm provides one-on-one consulting, as well as workshops with topics ranging from "The Role of the Unconscious in Career Selection" to "Falling in Love with Your Work."